About Us

Once upon a time in a land of magic... I have always desired to start a story this way but let us go to the real world. Still, a wonderful world because it is the polka dot world.

The Polka Dot Market is an e-commerce store bringing to you a large variety of quality polka dot products. George and I Cleia are the founders. We are based in Winnipeg MB, Canada and we sell to Canada and the US. We love polka dot patterns and that is one of the reasons that we started to develop the store concept in 2017. It has been a fun journey!

Do you remember that stylish polka dot product that you spent a long time looking for? Yes, the one that you went to many stores to find. We made it easier for you. Now you have a one-stop polka dot store to be in love with. Find everything polka dot here and if you need anything else, do let us know. We'll try to find it to you.

One more thing. Have you noticed that polka dot products are usually more expensive? Not here. We have many suppliers to get a good deal to you. Our price is fair.

We believe that the world needs more polka dot.

Our mission

Offer a large variety of quality polka dot designed products on our friendly online store.

Our Vision

Bring more polka dot design to the world and be the first-choice store to buy polka dot products.

Our Values

  • Customer experience - Our customer is the reason for our existence, and we understand their polka dot passion. That is why we are committed to providing a friendly and pleasured online shopping experience.
  • Constant improvement - We are committed to supply innovative polka dot product and bring constant rotativity to our inventory.
  • Integrity - We guide our actions with honest and strong moral principles.
  • Respect - We honor our customers, employees, partners, and the environment.